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Right Here Right Now
Right Here, Right Now
International Bright Young Thing
Real Real Real
Real, Real, Real
Who? Where? Why?
Trust Me
Info Freako
Welcome Back Victoria
The Devil You Know
I'm Burning
Nothing To Hold Me
Zeroes And Ones
Two And Two
Never Enough
Are You Satisfied?
Right Here, Right Now [1991]
The Right Decision
Zeros And Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction)
Idiot Stare
Bring It On Down
Zeros and Ones
All The Answers
Zeros and Ones [Aphex Twin Reconstruction #2]
Get A Good Thing
Zeros and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction #2)
The Real World
Move Mountains
Yellow Brown
From Love To War
What's Going On
Don't Believe It
Your Crusade
Tongue Tied
Too Much To Learn
One For The Money
Someone To Blame
Song 13
The Next Big Thing
Zeroes and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction # 2)
What Would You Know?
Broken Bones
Chemical #1
They're Out There