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Step By Step
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Yankee Lady
Defying Gravity
Black Dog
Nothing But A Breeze
Mississippi, You're on My Mind
Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt
Skip Rope Song
Dangerous Fun
Bless Your Foolish Heart
Mississippi You're on My Mind
That's A Touch I Like
Isn't That So
Twigs And Seeds
Midnight Bus
Quiet About It
Rhumba Man
Just Like New
O What A Thrill
Stand By Me
The Nudge
Rosy Shy
Wear Me Out
Let The Rough Side Drag
Bowling Green
Say What
Do La Lay
All of Your Stories
Club Manhattan
That's What Makes You Strong
All That we have is Now
Sweet Little Shoe
A Showman's Life
Talk Memphis
I'm Gonna Miss You Girl
Full Moon
I Turn To My Guitar
It's A Shame About Him
Lonely For A While
Everybody Knows But Me
Gentleman of Leisure