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Albums by this artist:

Ezio's Family
City of Rome
Venice Rooftops
47 in St. Petersburg
The Penthouse
Home in Florence
Florence Tarantella
Hitman 2 Main Title
Tour of Venice
Flight Over Venice 1
Back in Venice
Florence Escape
Approaching Target 1
Master Assassin
The Brotherhood Escapes
Venice Fight
Approaching Target 2
The Madam
Venice Escape
Home of the Brotherhood
Ezio in Florence
Dreams of Venice
Venice Combat Low
Darkness Falls in Florence
Main Title
Flight Over Venice 2
Echoes of the Roman Ruins
Venice Industry
City of Jerusalem
The Plague
Venice Combat
Chariot Chase
Night Mission In Venice
Wetlands Combat
Wetlands Escape
47 Makes a Decision
The Animus 2.0
Action Begins
Welcome to Kostantiniyye
Brotherhood of the Assassins
Waiting for Action
Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 1
The Wounded Eagle
Desert Sun