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Albums by this artist:

Did I Tell You
I Can Jive
It Started With A Love Affair
If You Ask Me
Tomten kommer snart
Let's Just Forget It
Who's Gonna Follow You Home
If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)
Grab Life
Working Class Hero
Left and Right
Far From Any Road
I'm Not In Love With You
Blue This Christmas
Keep On
Cold Beer
Cruisin' On A Saturday Night
Jackson - Trucker Version
David at the Bar
Boys Don't Cry
Boy oh boy
Cotton Jenny
Velcro - Acoustic
It Keeps Rainin
I Just Wanna Dance With You
Dream On
Number One
Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Susie Q
Personal Jesus
If You Want My Love
Blue Jean Bop
En vintersaga - Live
Feelin' Blue
Grab Life - Acoustic
Don't Be Cruel
Crazy 'Bout You Baby
Meningen med allt
Big Black Chevrolet
Darlin' Nelly Grey
Ghost Rider
Boy Oh Boy - Original
I'm Not In Love With You - Acoustic
Sweet Little Rock & Roller