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Let's Get Serious
Do What You Do
Daddy's Home
When The Rain Begins To Fall
Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
Don't Take It Personal
Sweetest Sweetest
Let's Get Serious - Single Version
That's How Love Goes
You Like Me Don't You
Burnin' Hot
Do You Remember Me
I Think It's Love
I Dream, I Dream
Let's get it on
You Said, You Said
Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good to Be True)
(Closest Thing To) Perfect
Let's Get Serious (Single Version)
Two Ships (In The Night)
Let´s Get Serious
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
All Revved Up
You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me
I'm Just Too Shy
Come to Me (One Way or Another)
Let's Be Young Tonight
Words into Action
You Got To Hurry Girl
Blame It On The Boogie
Word To The Badd!!
So Right
Escape from the Planet of the Ant Men
Live It Up
Next To You
If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
Some Things Are Private
Where Are You Now
Do You Remember Me?
Oh Mother
Do What You Do When You Did Wh
Isn't She Lovely
I'd Like To Get To Know You
Take Good Care of My Heart
I Need You
Castles Of Sand
My Touch Of Madness
I'm In A Different World