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Albums by this artist:

Just One of the Guys
Acid Tongue
Barking at the Moon
She's Not Me
Pretty Bird
Black Sand
Bad Man's World
The Voyager
The Next Messiah
See Fernando
Jack Killed Mom
Head Underwater
Barking at the Moon (Soundtrack)
Trying My Best to Love You
You Are What You Love
Sing a Song for Them
Slippery Slopes
Red Bull & Hennessy
Handle With Care
Late Bloomer
You Can't Outrun 'em
The New You
Heads Gonna Roll
Melt Your Heart
Love U Forever
Aloha & The Three Johns
Wasted Youth
Run Devil Run
Rise Up With Fists!!
The Big Guns
The Charging Sky
Rabbit Fur Coat
Born Secular
It Wasn't Me
Little White Dove
Do Si Do
Hollywood Lawn
Rabbit Hole
Happy (Reprise)
Party Clown
On The Line
Rise Up With Fists
Sing A Song
Big Guns