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Albums by this artist:

The Hanging Tree
The Gravel Road
Darkseeker Dogs
End Titles
The Hanging Tree - Rebel Remix
Central Park
The Healing
The Mockingjay
Island Limos
Max Steals Briefcase
Rue's Farewell
Main Titles
I Cannot See His Color
A Close Friend
Snow White
Vincent Hops Train
The Hunger Games
Horn of Plenty
The Stampede / I'm Coming Home
Solomon Vandy
My Name Is Robert Neville
What Are You Asking Me?
I'm Listening
Race to Resting Rock
Inner Sanctum / The Nesting Grounds
Salamander Eyes
A Fateful Meeting
Healing Katniss
Noah Visits
Katniss Afoot
White Hart
Your Mother Loves You
Will You Help Me?
Reaping Day
The Countdown
The Bad Color
Entering the Capitol
Preparing the Chariots