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Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Eight Second Ride
Yee Haw
Don't Think I Can't Love You
Startin' With Me
Something About A Woman
Alone with You
The Bad In Me
Anywhere with You
The One That Got Away
The Bottle And Me
Hard Not To Love You
Places To Run
Tell Me
Summer Jam (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
Apple Pie Moonshine
Days of Gold
Real Life
American Country Love Song
Easy Does It
Every Reason I Go Back
Cherry On Top
Long Night With You
02. Keepin' It Country
I Was Jack (You Were Diane)
Anything For You
What We Ain't Got
Down To The Honkytonk
Green Bananas
Wide Awake
Settin' the World on Fire
Nothin' Grows In Shadows
The Journey of Your Life
Made For You
Nobody Feelin' No Pain
Pass A Beer
Good Company
Ghost Town
Life of the Party
Surefire Feeling
Good Timing
Sure Feels Right
Drivin' All Night
One Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody)