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Albums by this artist:

Two Fingers
Lightning Bolt
Simple as This
Seen It All
Taste It
Country Song
Trouble Town
Someone Told Me
Ballad of Mr Jones
What Doesn't Kill You
Note to Self
Slumville Sunrise
A Song About Love
Messed Up Kids
Me and You
Simple Pleasures
There’s a Beast and We All Feed It
Pine Trees
All Your Reasons
Kitchen Table
Storm Passes Away
Gimme The Love
On My One
Love, Hope and Misery
How Soon The Dawn
Kiss Like the Sun
Lightning Bolt - Live at Spotify HQ
Bitter Salt
Country Song - Live at Spotify HQ
Taste It - Live at Spotify HQ
The Love We’re Hoping For
Two Fingers - Live at Spotify HQ
There's a Beast and We All Feed It
All I Need
Rabbit hole
Never Wanna Dance
Put Out The Fire
Saviours of the City
Southern Rain
Turpin Hero - From Turn
Love Me the Way You Do
All That
Ain't No Rhyme
Hearts That Strain