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Albums by this artist:

Rules of Beautiful
Not My Type at All
Let's Be Birds
Killing Me
Billboard (If I'm Honest)
Open Book
Why Can't We All Just Get Along
The Only Exception
I Know What You Did Last Summer (feat. Kelly Rowland)
She Ain't Got a Thing
Hey There Delilah
Let’s Be Birds
Faking In Love - Acoustic
The Letter
Faces on Film
Magic Bullet
Love Slow
Broke Billionaire
Faking In Love
Hold on Honey
Shame on You
Bury Our Love
God Took A Bow
Jaded Love
You Told Me So
All of Me
Stay with Me
Billboard (If I’m Honest)
Hold Me Down
Black and Blue
Your Body Is a Wonderland
afraid to die
Don't Even Fight
Focus - Rufus Dipper Remix
I Know What You Did Last Summer
You're Perfect