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No Matter
Love Is Magic
It Nuh Nuff
No Matter (Radio Edit)
All Of Me
War & Crime
My Girl Josephine
Sexy Thing
That's Life
All I Ever Wanted To Be
Right now
What A Difference A Day Makes
I Need Sunshine
Moving Away
Wild Kayoti
Bird Song
Dance With My Baby
It's in her kiss
What A Difference
Taste Of My Love
He's Everlasting
Happy Day
Love & Laughter
True to Myself
Time and Pain
Somebody Love Me
Tic Toc
Never Again
Suffer In Silence
Always Around
Too Bad
Who the Cap Fits
Affairs of the Heart
Movin' Away
Take It Easy
I'll Be Sweeter
Listen To Your Heart
Strengthen My Faith
Zinc fence situation
Impending Danger
Twist And Shout
I Can'T Wait
Casualty Of Love
Forgive And Forget