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Bad Things
Burn For You
Bad Things (Theme from 'True Blood')
I Gotta Have It
The Good Life
That's The Kind Of Love I'm In
Everything I Want
Damned If I Do
A Little Less Lonely
One Of Them
Between A Father And A Son
Little Black Dress
Half Of My Mistakes
Lean Into The Wind
Permanent Thing
Your Man
What It Is?
Bad Things (Theme From "True Blood)
Slip Away
The Other Kind
Nowhere In The Neighborhood
Bad Things (Theme From "True Blood")
Bad Things (Club Mix)
Bad Things (Theme from True Blood)
More To Life (C'mon, C'mon)
Angel Loves The Devil Outta Me
More To Life (C'mon C'mon)
Bad Things - 2
I wanna do bad things with you
Bad Things (True Blood theme)
No Place to Hide
Doing Nothing With You
Not So Far Away
Bad Things - Club Mix
Turn It On
Greatest Story (Never Told)
Gold Everett
Great American Hero
Business Is Booming
Bad Things (as heard on True Blood)
The Drugs Aren't Getting It Done
God Made You Mean
Good Times
Bad Things (True Blood Theme Song)
Let's Begin Again
Angry, Hostile, Ugly