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Albums by this artist:

Stay Fresh
Don't Sell Your Dream (Tonight)
Rocchead's Delight
Stop Trying
Chasing The Sun
Thru The Tulips
Play This (Also)
Take Me Away
The Truth
Too Many Clowns
Malcolm Was Here (Part 1+2)
Play This (One)
Super Sound
Dirty Fingered B-Boy (edit)
Bubbha's Dance
Malcolm Was Here (Part 1 & 2)
Play This One
J. Rocc - Buddah's Dance
Blinfold Test #10 (He Don't Play)
So Lovely
Somethin' Funky for Your Walkman (Intro)
Dirty Fingered B–Boy Edit
Sergio Mendes
Funky Beats
Blindfold Test #10 (He Don't Play)
Sergio Mendes 2
Chasing The Sun/Dragon
Cal Tjader
(Hype Shit)
Jorge Ben
Cal Tjader 2
Brazilian Beats
Buddah's Dance
Tempo 70
Latin Beats
(Classic Shit)
The World Is A Ghetto [Ahmad Jamal]
Versace Down
J-Rocc V J-Man
Ain't No Sunshine
Third Eye
Martian's Funeral
Harlem Montage
Cold Heat Funk Mix Pt. 1