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Albums by this artist:

Visions of coming Apocalypse
Extermination of Millions
Shrouded in Solitary
Exposing the Semihumans
Forced Prostitution
Behind the Walls of Derangement
Vicious Pretension
Before the Uncreation
Era of Submission
Savagely Beaten
Repulsed by Vaginal Reek
Fistfuck Sodomy
She Died In My Arms
Ejaculation Over Mutilation
Blood of Impurity
Multiple Homicide
Compulsive Degradation
Vicious Pretention
Self-inflicted Torture
Forced Prostitution (Extermination Of Millions) (2007)
I Stabbed Her Twice
Drowned Below
Humiliated Mortal Remains
Eaten Alive (Repulsion Cover)
Raped (Re-recorded version)*
Compulsive Degradation/Remnants of Deprivation
Compulsive Degredation
Raped [Re-Recorded Version]
Raped (re-recorded version)
Eaten Alive
Vivious Pretension
10. Raped
Before the increation
Crackwhore Lust
Eaten Alive [REPULSION Cover]
Lowlife Syndicate
Extermination Of Millions - Raped (2:32)
Extermination Of Millions - Before The Uncreation (4:43)
Self Forsaken
Extermination Of Millions - Visions Of Coming Apocalypse (2:40)
06 - Ejaculation Over Mutilation
03 - Fistfuck Sodomy
09 - She Died in My Arms
07 - Blood Of Impurity
04 - Defloration