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Banquet in the Darkness
Flesh for the Twelfth Omnipotent
A Curse of Baal
The Genuine Tone
Principle of Causality
The Avenger Full of Vengeance on God
Corporal Celebration
A Knight Appears from the Lake of Blood
The Planet
Alastor Possess
Anatomy of the Beast
Born But Buried, I Can See the Light
Cannibal Sodom
A Place Their Gods Left Behind
Blasphemy Resurrected
Agony In The Stone Chamber
Cry For The Black Sun
Longing For Birth
Wind Of Death
Ultimate Instinct
Dark Surface
The Massacre
Galaxy Of The Black Sun
Burn Thou in Effigy
Energumenus (The Birth of the Cursed Creations)
Burn Thou In Effigy - Instrumental
Energumenus - The Birth of the Cursed Creations
Sadism of Hallucinogenic Addiction
Torsos Conceive
Burn Thou In Effigy (Instrumental)
Burn Thou In Effigy ( Inst. )
An Anatomy of the Beast
Energumenus ( The Rebirth of t
A Keen (Instrumental)
Energumenus (The Birth Of Th..
Burn Thou In Effigy (Inst.)
Energumenus (The Rebirth Of The Cursed Creations)
Energumen Us (The Rebirth of the Cursed Creations)
Energumenus (the Birth of the
Energumenus (The Rebirth of the Cursed Creation)
Energumenus (The Birth of Cursed Creations)
Energumenus ( The Rebirth Of The Cursed Creation )