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Intro: Thelemite Forces Attack
Highest Key of the Illuminati
Choronzonic Force Domination
Enter the Gate of Death
Summon the Gods of Chaos
Arrival of a New Aeon (New Equinox of the Gods)
Baphomet Invocation
Across the Tenth Aethyr
Masters Of Sorcery (The Terrible Invokation Ov Tzeentch!)
Dispersion & Darkness
Ascension to Immortality (Apotheosis of Freedom)
Thelemic Conqueror (The Splendor of a New Law)
Awakening of the Rebel (The Universe Shall Be Ours... Awake!)
Dragon's Rising
Awakening of the Rebel
Transfiguration of the Devotee (Reborn Within the Womb of Babylon)
Magnificent Uranus Power
Magnificent Uranus Power (The Dark Side of the Sun - Bringer of Knowledge)
Arrival of a new Aeon
Orbiting chaosphere
Valley of the Impaled
Mighty Triumphant Return
Evocation of the Secret Gate
The Unfolded Conquest of the Universe (Intro)
Transfiguration of the Devotee
Outside Dwellers
Thelemic Conqueror
Decapitation of the Weak
Masters of Sorcery
Evil Sorcerers
Daemons Awakening
Chaotic Matrix (Onward to Termination)
Summoning the Ancient Ones
Threshold Into the Unknown
Unmercyful Extermination
Dominating Thunderous Force
Magnificent Uranus Power (The Dark Side of the Sun | Bringer of Knowledge)
Supreme Knowledge Domain
Awakening of the Rebel (The Universe Shall be Ours...Awake!)
Breeders Of Chaos
Colossal Vortex (Phenomenal Spectrum)
Beyond the Mystic Portal of Madness
Ascension to Immortality
Colossal Vortex
Lurking Monstrosity (Ancient Oceans Dweller)
Cosmic Ancient Mountain (The Tree of Knowledge)
Cataclysmic Origin (Unleashed Astral Chaos)
Unleash the Antartic Colossus
Reborn in Victory (The Unholy Manuscript)