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Albums by this artist:

Forever Young
Forever Young (Radio Edit / Original Mix)
Forever Young - Radio Version
Forever Young (Kosmonova Radio Edit)
Living Without Your Love
Who Is Elvis
Tell Me When
Forever Young - 2001 Radio Edit
Forever Young - Kosmonova Radio Edit
Ten Minutes to Sunset
Forever Young 2001
The Sun Always Shines on TV
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Return to the Source
Amok (Dancefloor Massacre)
Forever Young (radio edit)
Dildo 2008 Picco And Jenso Remix
Dildo 2008 - Acapella
We Will Rock You
Forever Young - Radio Edit / Original Mix
Stay Tune
Forever Young (club mix)
Living Without Your Love - Rework
No Return
All Together Now
Dildo 2008 (Rocco & Bass-T Remix)
Forever Young (Extended Version)
We Are One
Wake Up! (Ventura remix)
Forever Young (Radio Version)
High Anxiety
Forever Young 2001 (Radio Edit
Dildo - Radio Version
Dildo 2008
Dildo 2008 (Rocco vs. Bass-T R
Forever Young (original mix) (radio edit)
The Techno Wave - Castle Mix
Right Here Waiting
Who Is Elvis 2010 (David Amo & Julio Navas Remix)
Forever Young (Radio Mix)
Forever Young (Flip & Fill Remix)
Who Is Elvis 2010 - David Amo & Julio Navas Remix
Can You Hear Me Calling
The Techno Wave - Ancient Methods Remix
Set Me Free
Living Without Your Love (Radio Version)