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Albums by this artist:

Leliana's Song
Fallout 4 Main Theme
Fallout 3: Theme
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age 2 Main Theme
Hawke Family Theme
The Commonwealth
Tavern Music
Main Title
The Dwarven Nobles
Human Nobility
Ruins of Ostagar
Fenris Theme
Mages In Their Chantry
Ferelden At War
Love Scene
The Deep Roads
I Am The One (High Fantasy Version)
Qunari On the Rise
The Party Camp
The Chantry's Hubris
Elves At the Mercy of Man
The Common Dwarf
Join the Grey Wardens
I Am The One
The Dalish
Day in a Life
Darkspawn In the Wilds
The Dalish Elves' Encampment
I Am the One (Dark Fantasy Version)
The Betrayal
Battle the Darkspawn Hordes
The Endless Wave of Hurlocks
Kirkwall Nights
Attack On Denerim
Battle for the Urn
Dungeons and Dungeons
Urn of Sacred Ashes
First Light
The Dungeons of Landsmeet
King Edrin
The Battle of Lothering Village
The Coronation
To Kill an Ogre