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War is Forever
a cup of tears
Drunken Romance
ecstasy road
human tragedy
the joy of nothing
What remains of a Dream
Evening of a new Day
brown wood box
Pitch Black Ship
Spider Song
War is forever (extended)
Divine Wounds
The Human Tragedy
Flowers of Pain
War Is Forever!
War Is Forever! (Extended)
Sister Night
She's in Black Leaves
02 - War is forever
Snow on Heart
Dead Friend
01 - Evening Of A New Day
The Rain of Atlantis
03 - Akasha
Nevertheless Death
04 - What Remains Of A Dream
Velvet Rose
Town of Smiles
The Brown Wood-Box
Brown In Wood Box
war is forever(extended)
Remains of a Dream
Divine Wounds (Performed Live At Runes & Men Festival)
War Is Forever - Extended Version
01 - war is forever(extended)
War Is Forever (Longer)
Divine Wounds (Live R&M Festival)
Inner Glory - 01 - Dominitaion
Show on Heart
Inner Glory - 02 - The Human Tragedy
Inner Glory - 03 - Divine Wounds
inner glory - divine wounds (live R&M festival)
evening of a new