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Vessel of Inhumanity
Sentient Horror
Beyond the Tyranny of Entropy
Birth of the Artilect
Digital Rapture
Dark Facets of Self Indulgence
Prolific Dominance
Dissimulate Invalidity
Maelstrom of Vindictive Torment
Apostasy of Unknowing
Catathymic Rage
Obligated to Suffer
Procreating an Apocalypse
Imprisioned And Afflicted By Aberration
Pleasures of Lunacy
Perpetual Animosity
Dementia Cephalus
Mutant 2.0
Synaptic Reanimation
Spiritual Paralysis
Binary Alchemy
Ephemeral Morality
Pixelated Hallucinations
Digested by Invertebrates
Lord Cyborg
Piritual Paralysis
Imprisoned and Afflicted by Aberation
Imprisoned and Afflicted By Aberration
Inherit Disease - 01.Dissimulate Invalidity
Inherit Disease - 02.Imprisioned And Afflicted By Aberration
Inherit Disease - 03.Apostasy Of Unknowing
Inherit Disease - 04.Catathymic Rage
Inherit Disease - 05.Myiasis
Inherit Disease - 06.Obligated To Suffer
Inherit Disease - 07.Procreating An Apocalypse
Inherit Disease - 09.Dementia Cephalus
Inherit Disease - 08.Pleasures Of Lunacy
Inherit Disease - 10.Perpetual Animosity
Visceral Transcendence - Sentient Horror (3:03)
Visceral Transcendence - Nanoscourge (3:19)
Visceral Transcendence - Maelstrom Of Vindictive Torment (3:53)
Visceral Transcendence - Hivemind (2:25)
Visceral Transcendence - Dark Facets Of Self Indulgence (2:43)