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Albums by this artist:

Right Now - Bonus Track
Alone with You
Silver Lights
Rosé by the Ocean
Steady Glow
Brand New Me
Out of Focus
Losing Sleep
We Fight!
Headed For Splitsville
Nothing Left
Right Now
I Would Sit Alone in Silence
Rayman Always Wears Raybans
What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?
Sink Your Teeth
I Was Honest, You Were Lying
I Could've Been - Acoustic
February Weather
Reverie (acoustic)
Everyone I Used To Trust
Drag Me Down
I Could've Been
Cut & Dry
Sleep It Off
Castle Of Cards
Bad Weather
Disaster Case
Smoke Signals - Bonus Track
Silver Lights (Acoustic)
Drag Me Down - Acoustic
East & West - Acoustic
With Or Without You
No Suits, Just Shants (feat. James Teyler Of Worthwhile)
No Suits, Just Shants (ft. James Teyler from Worthwhile)
Underdoggy Style
Cinco De Mayo
Strangers (Acoustic)
Don't Give It Up
Plain View
Losing Sleep (Acoustic)