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Albums by this artist:

I Work For The Streetcleaner
Harbinger of Death
Defiling the Grave
Cannibal Lust
Staph Terrorist
My Lai
Intense Mortification
Dear Uncle Creepy
Bloody Pit of Horror
Wizard of Gore
Trap Them and Kill Them
Cannibale Ballet
Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster from Hell
Red Wigglers
Heart of Illinois
Unadulterated Brutality
Revenge of the Scabby Man
Bad Dreams
Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue
Who's Fucking Who?
The Revenge of the Scabby Man
Jane Fonda Sucks Part 2
Sinister Urge / Faceless
All Night Dragnet
Mr. Ed
I Hate You
Wizzard of Gore
Who's Fucking Who
Hey Jeff, What's Up?
The Belch
Cannibal Apocalypse
Revenge of the Scabbyman
Bitch Death Teenage Mucus Monster from Hell
Trap The and kill Them
Morticia's Frump - Bad Dreams
Jane Fonda Sucks Pt. 2
Dear Uncle Creepy...
Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie...)
Disgracing the Family Name
Creditors Retribution
Cannibal Ballet
Breakfast At the Manchester Morgue - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Jane Fonda Sucks, Part 2
Venereal Warts (Extended Dance Mix) / Bad Dreams