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Albums by this artist:

Majesty and Decay
Into Everlasting Fire
Father, You're Not a Father
The Purge
A Token of Malice
Higher Coward
A Glorious Epoch
Dawn of Possession
Furthest From The Truth
Divine Code
Despondent Souls
In Human Form
Close To A World Below
Fall From A High Place
Those Left Behind
Lost Passion
Unpardonable Sin
Put My Hand In The Fire
The Rapture Of Ghosts
A Thunderous Consequence
Internal Decadence
Burial Ground
Power And Shame
Passion Kill
World Agony
Hate's Plague
The Comfort Of Cowards
After My Prayers
No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)
Burn With Jesus
Fall in Disease
Nailed To Gold
Swarm of Terror
Here In After
Of Martyrs And Men
Destructive Currents
I Feel Nothing
Harnessing Ruin
The Weight of Devotion
Sinful Nature
Unholy Cult
Breathing the Dark
Away From God
Wolf Among The Flock
Deliverer of Evil
Shadows in the Light