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Albums by this artist:

I Believe In Me
Now We're History
Still Sane
In Search Of Souls
When You Scream
Shine Crazy
Throw Your Bolts
Case Of The Late Pig
Burn Me Wicked
You Against The World
No More Time
Our Heroin Recess
The Final Step
Weak Is Your God
Fear The Gates
Back To The Street
Let Go
The Tension
Like Cancer
Working Class Zero
A Child Is Missing
Ich Bin Verloren In Berlin
The Widow Black
A Song Of Myself
Sense The Darkness
Love Is Tasted Bitter
Nothing To Fear... Do It
She Knows
The Key To My Salvation
Eyes Popping Out
For The Record
Blood On Your Parade
...Your Devoted Slave
Your Own Best Companion
To Those Who Walk Behind Me
Just Come And Get Me
Time To Dominate
Heaven Forbid
Seeking Truth - Telling Lies
Sale At The Misery Factory
If All the World...
Never Compromise
I Am Possessed
My Number Is Expired