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Russian Dance
Dance of the Firebird
Fourth Tableau: Police and the Juggler
Dance of the Earth
Variation de l'oiseau de feu
Danse infernale du roi Kastchei
The Firebird Suite *: Finale
Mock Abduction
The Rite of Spring: Part One: Adoration of the Earth: Introduction
Le baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss): Scene II
Spring Round Dances
Dance of Kashchei's retinue under the spell of the Firebird
The Augurs of Spring
The Firebird Suite: Finale
Games of the Rival Tribes
The Shrove-tide Fair
Ritual of the Ancestors
The Rite Of Spring
Violin Concerto in D Major: i. Toccata
Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) (1943 version): Part 1: L'adoration De La Terre
Symphony In C: Moderato Alla Breve
Orpheus, Ballet In Three Scenes 03:07
Petrushka's Room
Summoning of the Ancestors
The Charlatan's Booth
Appearance of the Firebird
Orpheus, Ballet In Three Scenes 02:09
Symphonies of Wind Instruments
Scherzo a la russe (original Jazz band version, 1944)
The Rite Of Spring: Part Two: The Sacrifice: Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)
Waltz: The Ballerina and the M
The Rite of Spring: Part One: Adoration of the Earth: The Augurs of Spring - Dance of the Young Girls
The Firebird Suite: Introduction
Firebird Suite - 1919 Version
Gipsies' Dance
The Firebird - Introduction
Adoration of the Earth
The Firebird Suite *: Firebird: Lullaby
Lullaby (The Firebird)
Round Dance of the Princesses
The Masqueraders
Procession Of The Wise Elder
L'Oiseau de Feu (The Firebird): Danse infernale de tous les sujets de Kastchei - Excerpt 1910 Version
Suite italienne (Version for Cello & Piano): II. Serenata