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Albums by this artist:

Burn Baby Burn
Pick Up the Pieces
Floating In The Wind
Take A Little Word
95 in the Shade
I Wanted You
Free Spirit
I Don't Understand
Let Her Cry
Crying Blues
Mother Mild
Dark Lord
Tea Leaf (To Joss)
Such A Day
Take It Back
Silent Star
How Many Times
I Don't Want to be a Star
Are You Dancing
Shy Girl
Poor Boy
Simple Man
Wicked Lady
Out of Your Shadow
Kiss In The Dark
Let It Rain
Did Worlds Collide
Hello I Thought You Were Dead
Hello, I Thought You Were Dead
Mile High City
When Love Has Overgrown
As Hours Go By
Day Without Love
Keep Me Rolling
Petro rock
95 In The Shade/Daylight
Floating On The Wind
Jesus Said
Burn Baby Burn (single A-side)
Did Worlds Collide?
Crying Blue
95 in the Shade / Daylight
In The Shade
When The Lights Go Out