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Albums by this artist:

Things Can Only Get Better
What Is Love?
No One Is to Blame
New Song
Like to Get to Know You Well
What Is Love
Everlasting Love
Hide and Seek
Pearl in the Shell
Life in One Day
What Is Love? - Extended Mix
Look Mama
Is There A Difference?
New Song - 2008 Remastered Version
The Prisoner
Just Look At You Now
Lift Me Up
Hunt the Self
Always Asking Questions
Revolution of the Heart
Don't Always Look At the Rain
You Know I Love You, Don't You?
What Is Love? (2008 Remastered Album Version)
Assault And Battery
City Song
What Is Love? - 2018 Remaster
Dream Into Action
Two Souls
Bounce Right Back
Tears To Tell
Human's Lib
All I Want
Why Look For The Key
Hunger For The Flesh
What is Love? - 2008 Remastered Version
China Dance
Let the People Have Their Say
Tomorrow Is Now
Celebrate Our Love
I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
For You See Me (John B Remix)
New Song (new version)
What Is Love? [Extended Mix]