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Hideously Conceived
Thousands of Christs
The Woeful Eucharisty
Liturgy of Deceivers
Malevolence of the Righteous
From Hate to Suffering
Drowned in the Abyss of Ignorance
Slavery in a Deaf Decay
Adversary of Bigotry
Caged into Falsehood
Incontrovertible Doctrines
Absence of Truth
Incestuous Dynasty of Worms
The Holy Betrayal
Spiritual Ravishment
Enlightened Submission
Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God
Hierarchy of the Fools
Conjuration Sworn
Fall of the Servants
The Cannibal Gods
Sedition Through Scorn
Deprave to Redeem
Reforging the Crowns
Blind Obedience
Cast the First Stone
Desecrated Souls
Resurgence of the Empire
XXI Century Imperial Crusade
Through the Triumphal Arch
Spears of Sacred Doom
Sealed Into Ecstasy
The Chains Of Misdeed
Redeemer of Atrocity
Blight and Conquer
The Sun Worship
Shreds of Martyr
The Seas of Light
Burning Bright
Towards Our Storm
Rise and Oppress
Mystification as Law
Flames of Merciless Gods