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Albums by this artist:

Since Last Wednesday
Lover, Where Do You Live?
Leaving No Traces
Indian Summer
Golden Ticket
Son of a Bitch
Darth Vader
Someone Who'll Get It
Keep That Letter Safe
The Man on the Ferry
Science & Blood Tests
I, The Hand Grenade
God Don’t Leave Me
Winners Don't Come Easy
My Only Crime
Uranium Heart
My Name Is Liar
In and Out of Weeks
5 Million Miles
Out of Order
My Soldier
Samurai Swords
Heavenly Father
When You Have Gone
Can I Be Forgiven
My Mind Is A Bad Neighborhood
God Is A Banquet
Whatever That Means
Samurai Swords (Acoustic Version)
I Am My Own Disease
The Heron
I Call Bullshit
Samurai Swords - Acoustic Version
Deep Sea Diver
Heavenly Father (Radio Edit)
Everything Sank In You
Elastic State of Mind
Heavenly Father - Radio Edit
I Roll My Eyes
Under The Sun
Too Early
Golden Ticket - Acoustic Version
God Don't Leave Me
Just A Small Quake