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Albums by this artist:

Diet and Cancer
The First Pain
Sand In Lungs
Romantic Dreams
Full Moon and Dry Humour
Intense Revulsion
The Trigger
The Death of a Lover
Murder Theme
A Hallucination
Perverted Dreams
Two Black Dogs
The Trainyard
I Feel Nothing
Perpetual Sorrow
In Dreams I Offend Myself
Waltz of Regret
The Past Doesn't Exist
Only When I'm Drunk
Your Kicks and What?
Snow Will Cover My Footsteps
Goodnight Irene
I Feel Everything
Lovely Bone Structure
Talking to Birds
My Father's a Farmer
Romantic Dreams, Perverted Dreams
Tedium (2009)
My Father's a Farmer (2011)
Arthritis (2009)
Talking to Birds (2009)
Dilligaf (2006)
The Simple Art of Murder (2007)
Mixtape #1 - "Round About Midnight"
Heroin and Your Veins - Absurd