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Moon River
The Pink Panther Theme
Baby Elephant Walk
Pink Panther Theme
Moon River(Vocal Audrey Hepburn)
Peter Gunn
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Experiment In Terror
Something for Cat
Moon River(Original Main Title)
Mr. Lucky
Sally's Tomato
Moon River Cha Cha
Latin Golightly
A Shot In The Dark
Loose Caboose
Days of Wine and Roses
Champagne and Quail
The Big Heist
Hub Caps and Tail Lights
The Big Blow Out
The Pink Panther Theme - From the Mirisch-G & E Production "The Pink Panther"
The Evil Theme
Mr. Yunioshi
Royal Blue
Moon River - Remastered
Peter Gunn Theme
Something for Sellers
Piano and Strings
Two for the Road
The Tiber Twist
Dear Heart
The Village Inn
Shades of Sennett
Moment To Moment
The Lonely Princess
It Had Better Be Tonight (Instrumental)
Charade (Main Title)
Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"
Love Theme from Romeo And Juliet
Slow And Easy
The Pink Panther Theme - Reprise
A Profound Gass
Main Title