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Albums by this artist:

Born Without Light
Always the Same
Unshakable Faith
The Ultimate Deception
Fili Diaboli
Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify
The Pig That Became a God
Last Station On the Road to Death
Et Inferno Ego
Jacob's Ladder
Burning Human Pigs
Death Worship
Black Fucking Cancer
The Black Projector
Black Arts of Crime
Torture of the saints
Deus Irae
Psalm I - Burning Human Pigs
Second Coming of the Pig
Dead Children's Choir
Blood from the Pig
Psalm V - Dead Children's Choir
Psalm VI - Black Fucking Cancer
Psalm VIII - Goathrone
Psalm VII - Blood From The Pig
Prophecy from the Mutilated Children
Psalm III - Black Arts of Crime
Psalm II - Torture of The Saints
Ritual / Years Ago
Psalm IV - Prophecy From The Mutilated Children
PSALM II. Torture of the Saints
To The Black Arts Of Crime
Et in Inferno Ego
PSALM III. Black Arts of Crime
Goat Throne
PSALM IV. Prophecies of the Mutilated Children
Prophecies of the Mutilated Children
Psalm IX - Ritual / Psalm X - Years Ago
PSALM IX. Ritual + PSALM X. Years Ago
Burning Human Pigs (Rehearsal)
Black Fucking Cancer (Rehearsal)
The Ritual
The Ritual (Rehearsal)
Ritual/Years Ago
Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify [G.G. Allin Cover]
Years Ago