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Albums by this artist:

The Terror
Push Forward
The Wrestler
Get Tuff (Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix)
The Wrestler (feat. Sluggo)
Can U Feel Me (Antiserum Remix)
Play For Blood
Great Escape - The Killabits Remix
The Terror (Point.Blank Remix)
Holy Ghost - Helicopter Showdown and Sluggo Remix
Drop It Again - Original Mix
Can U Feel Me - Original Mix
The Wrestler (Original Mix)
Cali Born - Original Mix
Can U Feel Me (Original Mix)
These Vile Creatures
Holy Ghost
The Terror (Original Mix)
Nobody Loves No One
Can U Feel Me
Helicopter Showdown - Dramatron
Play for Blood (Original Mix)
Can U Feel Me (Protohype Remix)
Life On The Edge (Play for Blood)
Hacker Crap
Burn (Original Mix)
Churched Out
Great Escape (The Killabits Remix)
Can U Feel Me - Protohype Remix
The Wrestler (Helicopter Showdown VIP)
Burn - Original Mix
Hostage - Original Mix
Helicopter Showdown - Dramatron VIP
Heaven Sent - Synchronice Remix
Falkor's Man Teeth - Original Mix
Falkor's Man Teeth
Hacker Crap - Original Mix
Heaven Sent - Original Mix