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Albums by this artist:

Ohio Is For Lovers
Saying Sorry
This Is Who We Are
Pens And Needles
Blue Burns Orange
Life On Standby
The Transition
Silver Bullet
Dissolve And Decay
Sandpaper And Silk
Wake Up Call
Screenwriting An Apology
We Are So Last Year
Dead In The Water
Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears
Speeding Up The Octaves
Light Sleeper
Breathing In Sequence
Cross Me Off Your List
I Am On Your Side
Rescue Me
Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less)
Somewhere In Between
The Business of Paper Stars
Corps of Corpses
Four Become One
Sugar In the Engine
Language Lessons
Let Go of Everything You Know
Come Back Home (Reprised)
Until The Judgement Day
Until Her Heart Stops
Nervous Breakdown
Bring You Back
Silver Bullet (acoustic)
Ohio Is for Lovers (live acoustic on Q101)
Niki FM (demo)
Silver Bullet (demo)
Speeding Up the Octaves (demo)
Angels With Even Filthier Souls
Broken Man
The Transition (live acoustic on Q101)
End of the Underground
Language Lessons (Five Words o