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Albums by this artist:

She Said
No More Hot Dogs
Chicken Walk
The Hunch
Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby
Rockin' Robin
I'm Happy
Truly Ruly
Can't Help It Blues
We Got A Date
High School Confidential
Gee But I Love You
Shake That Thing
Let Me Come In
Do It To Me Tonight
Ugly Woman
Hot Dog Baby
Roll Roll Train
I need your head
Turn My Coat Tails Loose
Teenie Weenie Waddy Kiss
She's mine
Get Out of My Car
You Don't Love Me
Walk And Talk With Me
Get Outta My Car
Big Fat Mama
Let's slop tonight
If you want to be my baby
Tell me baby
Doonie Boogie
The Wild Man
Your Memories
I Want Some Lovin'
I don't want nobody the way I want you
I Could Never Be Blue
You're Gonna Miss Me
Jenny Lu
Rock the Blues
I Need Your Head (This Ain't No Rock N' Roll Show)
Shake With Me
Chicken Flop
Let Me Go
I Don't Love You
I Need Your Head (...This Ain't No Rock n' Roll Show)
Is That Right
Miami Kiss
Going Back to St. Louis