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Albums by this artist:

Children Of Hiroshima
England My England
Gift Of A Brand New Day
Writer Of Songs
Autumn Song
Hey! Sandy
Patriot Game
Anna My Love
Mr Homburg Hat
Boothferry Bridge
Good Old Brummagem
The Mallard
A Most Peculiar Man
In The Darkness
Learning The Game
She Saw Him Smile
I'd Rather Read a Book
When I Am Old One Day
Simply Being Dad
Anna (My Love)
First You Lose The Rhyming
Mr. Homburg Hat
Dear Miss Allyson
25 Years On The Road
Home and Away
Friends of Mine
Soap Opera
Hello Hans
Born On The Breeze
In The Days When We Had Nothing
When I Was A Boy
Hey Sandy
Sweet Little Fat Girl
Take A Little Time
Kelly the Boy from Kilane
Down so long it looks like up
Stone And Wood
Song For Anne Frank
Jowett Javelin
The Gift
For My Father