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Fireflies Made Out of Dust
Fistful of Butter
Everybody Knows About Daddy
There's Too Much Blood in the Attic Today
At the Hotel Double Tragedy (Take 3)
Now Everybody Rock Like You Got Aids
That Cruel Thimbleful
I Have to Speak with Rocky Balboa
Don't Tread on the Museums of Your Youth
The Wrong Wings
Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid"
Stay-at-Home Soldier
Can't You Hear Me Ticking
Do You Want Me
I'll Never Go Skin Deep Again
I Don't Wanna Dance Tonight
That Green Light
Self-Immolation for Beginners
Little Miss Sianara
Oops, There's Bugs All in My Heart
Be Good to Your Gun
I Should Never Have Died Alone
At the Hotel Double Tragedy (take 1)
we used to be such good friends
Tiny Children in Our Hearts
I Hope It Works Out Bay
How I Laughed My Way to an Early Grave
The Snow Will Make Fat Men of Us All
No More Smoking Pot in the Bathroom
My Affectionate Eye Disease
Not The Day That I Was Hoping For
The Green Light
Pillar of Salt
I'm Not Gonna Bleed Here For Your Mercy Any Longer
Don't Play Ding Dong Ditch With My Heart
I'm Not Gonna Bleed Here For Your Mercy Anylonger
Oops, I Did It Again
Oops, I Did It Again/MMM...But It's Sooo Close
Don't Play Ding Dong Ditch On My Heart
02. there's too much blood in the attic today