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Albums by this artist:

Back in the Water
Finding Out More
Where the heart is
Bright Lights
Mind Games - Single Version
City Lights
The Sea
Bright Lights - Sam Feldt Remix
Mind Games
Love Is A Game
Finding Out More - EDX’s Acapulco At Night Remix
We Are
Throw Me a Line
The Other Side of Sea - Symphonic Version
Let Love Tear Me Down
Where the Heart Is - Single Version
Sinner Love
Hold On
No Man's Land
City Lights - LVNDSCAPE Remix
Back in the Water - The Gospel Version
Summer On You - Acoustic Dance Sessions
Where the Heart is (Single Version)
We Are - Symphonic Version
Finding Out More - EDX's Acapulco At Night Remix
The Sea - Symphonic Version
Bright Lights (Sam Feldt Remix)
City Lights - Symphonic Version
No Man's Land - Symphonic Version
City Lights - Nightshift Version
Bright Lights - Symphonic Version
Back in the Water - Mark McCabe Remix
The Sea ( Only)
Mind Games - Alternate Version
Back In The Water - HUGEL Remix
Mind Games (Single Version)
Summer On You
No Mans Land
Fortitude (Lyrics in CC)
Finding Out More (EDX's Acapulco at Night Remix)
Back In The Water - Jen Jis Remix
We Are (Symphonic Version)
Finding Out More (EDX’s Acapulco At Night Remix)
We Are (Symphonic Tales)
City Lights (LVNDSCAPE Remix)
City Lights ( Only)
The Sea (Audio Only)
The Other Side of Sea