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Albums by this artist:

Pursuit through the town
American dream
emoine - Opening
emoine - Pursuit through the town
Lyrical development
Christmas night
Future is in the stars
Sleeping beauty
A path of light
Montée angoissante
Fairy's ballet
All's well that ends well
Modern fairy tale
The witching hour
Glorious battle
Lost in the limbo
Au commencement
8Dio 2013 Stand Out Contest Submission: “The beginning of all things” by Guillaume Cochard-Lemoine
The hours of the night
Epic darkness and mysteries
8Dio 2014 Stand Out Contest Submission: “Clear Morning” by “Guillaume Cochard-Lemoine”
Lost in the dark
ɌevØlution- The Last Sunset
Giboulées (Live in Müllheim)
American comedy
Poussière et souvenirs
The Liveship Traders - tribute to Megan Lindholm
8Dio 2016 Stand Out Contest Submission:
emoine - Pursuit through the town - (Epic Darkness and mysteries)