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나 같은 애
Not That Type
A GIRL LIKE ME (나 같은 애)
'나 같은 애' (A Girl Like Me)
나 같은 애 (A Girl Like Me)
'나 같은 애' (A Girl Like Me) Official MV
The Boots Dance Practice (Mirrored)
'Not That Type' Official M/V
일기 (Diary)
구름 위로
Maybe Tomorrow
소원 들어주기
이 순간을 믿을 게
미워지려 해
스노우 볼
A Girl Like Me
Pastel Sweater
Wonderland (Inst.)
The Boots | Areia Kpop Remix #309
Chococo Dance Practie (Mirrored)
NOT THAT TYPE (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)
Hate You (미워지려 해)
나 같은 애 (A Girl Like Me) Dance Practice (Mirrored)
나 같은 애 (A Girl Like Me) (Inst.)
Diary (일기)
Perhaps Love (사랑일 것 같더라)
像我一样的女孩(A Girl Like Me) (나 같은 애)
Wonderland [Color Coded Lyrics] (ENG/ROM/HAN)
The Boots (Inst.)
NOT THAT TYPE (Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)
Make a Wish (소원 들어주기)
Diary (HAN|ROM|ENG) (Color Coded)
The Boots : Line Distribution (Color Coded)
A Girl Like Me (나 같은 애) by JANNY
사랑일 것 같더라