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Albums by this artist:

Beep Beep Love
Hey Girl
Disco Really Made It
I Shot My Manager
Rock 'n Roll
Girls Never Know
Lasting Forever
Armee Monika
Blah Blah Magazines
Mexican Radio
Mission à Paris
P.S. 78
Bottom Of The Class
I Said No
One Way Love
Sleeping Bag
Rubber Gun
Mission A Paris
Real Teeth Are Out
(This Is A) Normal Song
Happily Unemployed
I'm A Rocket
The Pogo Never Stops
The Booby-Trap Boogie
The Single
Holland Now
Buddy Odor is a gas
Very Nice
My Favourite Song
For Pim
I Don't Love You
Are You Ready
What Else Can I Do
Superman is Back
A horse with no name
My Old Cortina
Ray of Light
I Said No!
My Uncle Ben's Picture Book
Saddle Pain