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Albums by this artist:

Moonlight Shadow
God Is A Girl
The End
7 Years And 50 Days
Million Tears
Only Love
Last Unicorn
Little June
Far Away From Home
Holy Virgin
Force Of Nature
Let It Be
21st Century Digital Girl
Are You Ready
Angel From Above
Beat Just Goes
On The Radio
Summer Rain
Lullaby For Love
Poison (Radio Version)
Can't Get Over You
Call Me
When Life
Not Available
Because I Love You
God Is a Girl (album version)
November Night
I Need You Vs. I Need You
When Love Lives In Heaven
Poison - Radio Edit
Living On a Prayer
Moonlight Shadow (Piano)
Riot On The Dancefloor
When I Die
Moonlight Shadow - Original Mix
Poison (Short Club Mix)
7 Years and 50 Days (radio edit)
Runaway (Extended Mix)
Poison (Tune Up Remix)
Poison (Extended Mix)
Never Ever Stop
God Is A Girl (Radio Edit)
Poison (Extended Version)
7 Years & 50 Days