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Albums by this artist:

Smash The Funk
Good Times Roll
Hard Times
The Future Is Now
Too Young For Tragedy
A Fine Way To Die
Can't Hold Me Down
Fall In Love too fast
Feel The Love
For The Love (Big Wild Remix)
Dance With Me
I'm Home
For The Love - Big Wild Remix
Wax City
Funk Party
DTW to DIA (the travels of Mr. B)
Rock N Roll
Gotta Push On
Chasin Galaxies
Better Than I've Ever Been
Simple (feat. the Floozies)
Before I Go
A New Day
Gettin' Live
The Anthem
My Friends and I
How It Ends (feat. Dominic Lalli)
Feelin' Fine
Do My Thang
Live on Arrival
What We've Become
If There Ever Comes a Day
Wheres The Love
Adventure is Out There
Wonder Why
Triumph Proper
Get Down
Too Young For Tragedy pt. II
You Got To Change
See You Again
Crime In The City
It Gets Better
Stop Trippin' (Chill Harris Remix)
Find My Own Way
For The Love
Stop Trippin'