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Albums by this artist:

Night Nurse
Cool Down the Pace
Slave Master
Stranger In Town
Hot Stepper
Objection Overruled
Material Man
Leggo Beast
Soon Forward
Public Eyes
Sad To Know (You're Leaving)
Universal Tribulation
Love Is Overdue
Set the Captives Free
Tam Tam
Not The Way
If I Don't Have You
Loving Pauper
Oh What A Feeling
Rock On
Hush Darling
All I Have Is Love
Way of Life
My Number One
Front Door
Poor and Clean
My Only Lover
Tune In
Top Ten
Babylon Too Rough
Uncle Joe
Rock Away
John Public
Confirm Reservation
Number One
Mr. Cop
Never Be Ungrateful
Mr. Brown
Once Ago
Financial Endorsement
Cream of the Crop
House of the Rising Sun