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Love Hurts
Brand New Heartache
Return of the Grievous Angel
The Angels Rejoiced Last Night
Streets of Baltimore
A Song for You
Sleepless Nights
Still Feeling Blue
We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning
$1000 Wedding
Brass Buttons
Hearts on Fire
In My Hour of Darkness
That's All It Took
I Can't Dance
How Much I've Lied
Ooh Las Vegas
Kiss the Children
The New Soft Shoe
Cry One More Time
Big Mouth Blues
She - Remastered Version
Love Hurts - Remastered Version
Return of the Grievous Angel - Remastered Version
Love Hurts (Remastered Album Version)
Love Hurts - Remastered Album Version
Return of the Grievous Angel (Remastered Album Version)
Ooh Las Vegas - Remastered Version
A Song for You - Remastered Version
She - Remastered
Cash on the Barrelhead/Hickory Wind
Brass Buttons - Remastered Version
Still Feeling Blue (Alternate Version)
Hickory Wind (Alternate Version)
Ooh Las Vegas (Remastered Album Version)
$1000 Wedding (Remastered Album Version)
In My Hour of Darkness (Remastered Album Version)
She (Alternate Version)
Love Hurts (Alternate Version)
Still Feeling Blue (Remastered Album Version)
She - Remastered Album Version
Streets Of Baltimore (Alternate Version)
A Song For You - Remastered Album Version
Love Hurts - Remastered
$1000 Wedding - Remastered Version
Brass Buttons (Remastered Album Version)
That's All It Took (Alternate Version)
Hearts on Fire - Remastered Version
Hearts on Fire (Remastered Album Version)