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Albums by this artist:

Only Tools and Corpses
Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass
Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza
Her Gash I Did Slash
Pain As a Prelude to Death
Hacked in the Back Dumped in a Sack
Village People of the Damned
Masticated by the Spasticated
To Catch a Killer
Adding Insult to Injury
...and Everything Went Black
Nervous Gibbering Wreck
Dead Drunk
Can't Fit Her Limbs in the Fridge
Stab Me Till I Cum
Fable of Filth
Horrorday in Haiti
A Very Grave Business
Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten
Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em
Corpse Fucking Art
Put Your Bits in a Concrete Mix
Selection and Dissection of Parts for Resurrection
Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged
Mutilated in Minutes, Severed in Seconds
Severed, Sawn and Sold as Porn
Get Dead Or Die Trying
Angel Of Meth
Nothin' but a nosebleed
Limb by Limb
28 Days Later
Can't Pit Her Limbs In The Fridge
Carrion Smelling
Hacked In The Back Dumped In A
Bed'em, Behead'em
Can't Pit Her Limbs In The Fri
Gagged, Shagged and Bodybagged
Carrion Swelling
…And Everything Went Black
Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten (Live in Germany 2002)
I Am The Black Wizards
I Am The Black Wizard (Emperor cover)
I Am The Black Wizard (Bonus)
Mutilated In Minutes, Severed
Can't Fit Her Limbs in the Fri
Cut Gut Beaten Eaten
Gagged Shagged Bodybagged
To Catch A Killer (A Serial Sing-A-Long)