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Albums by this artist:

The Anthem
I Just Wanna Live
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Hold On
We Believe
The River
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
Girls & Boys
Little Things
The World Is Black
Riot Girl
Dance Floor Anthem
Victims of Love
I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
Break Apart Her Heart
Broken Hearts Parade
Boys And Girls
Where Would We Be Now
Say Anything
My Bloody Valentine
All Black
The Chronicles of Life and Death
The Story of My Old Man
The Day That I Die
Ghost Of You
Beautiful Place
The Truth
Good Morning Revival
Walk Away (Maybe)
March On
Something Else
A New Beginning
It Wasn't Enough
Movin' On
Like It's Her Birthday
Festival Song
The Young and the Hopeless
East Coast Anthem
The Motivation Proclamation
The Young & the Hopeless