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Albums by this artist:

Hold Tight
Fort Knox
Wet Welly
Moonwalk Away
Mbira Beat
This Is How It Goes
Sold My Soul
Get Busy Living (feat. Emily Bruce) (Radio edit)
Cruising Through
The Real Deal
The Real Deal (radio Edit)
Colours & Lights
Brush Your Hair
Just For Tonight
Get busy living (feat. Emily Bruce)
Three Second Memory
Are You Lulu
Woman's A Devil
Coming Home
Big Band Wolf
Show you how
My Rainbow
Take Back Tomorrow
Soundtracks and come backs
We Come Together (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)
Washing Over Me (ft. Morning Parade)
Crunchy Joe (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)
Deep Of The Night
Hold Your Kite
Soundtracks & Come Backs
One Million Views
Times May Change You
This Is How It Goes (Radio Edit)
Fort knox (2012 Edit)
We Come Together (ft. Sakhile Moleshe) [Fishy Beat Radio Edit]
Love and Hate
Cruising Through (Radio Edit)
The Four Forty Five Blues
It Was You (With Zeeba)
In too deep (feat. Emily Bruce)
In Too Deep
Soundtracks And Come Backs (2012 Edit)
All Night
Get Busy Living
Call me (feat. Monique Hellenberg)
Wait A Minute
Followers Of The Beat
One Million Views (feat. John Mani)