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Albums by this artist:

Hating Life
Under A Darkening Sky
Poison Fog
Sigma Enigma
Drowning In Mud
Falling Down
On Wings Of Pestilence
No Survivors
The Cross Of Sacrifice
The Day You Died
The Lair of the White Worm
Away From Emptiness
Macabre World
Behind Enemy Lines
No Man's Land
Fallen Empires
Typhoid Mary
Arch Enemy Spain
Fail To Exist
Artifacts Of The Great War
Storm of Steel
Serpent King
Satan's Curse
Rusty Nails
Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
Boiling Blood
Last Zip Of Spit
The Declaration of War
Fire Storm
Villa Vampiria
Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
The Warcult
Salt In Your Wounds
The Execution Protocol
The Grey Race
The Killing is Faceless
On the Wrong Side of the Wire
Chaos Reigns at Dawn
Soul Capture 1562
Through Byzantine Hemispheres
The Red Baron
The Art Of Immolation
A View Of Ages
Soul Sweeper
The Grand Grimoire