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Tainted Love
Tainted Love - Original Single Version
Tainted Love - Single Version
Tainted Love (1976 Recording)
Tainted Love - 1976 Recording
What You Want
Tainted Love - AVI Single Version
Bring On The Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again)
Cry Baby
Go Now
I Ain't Going Nowhere
Tin Can People
Tell Me Now
Share My Love
Come Go With Me
Oh Baby
Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)
Would You Like To Know
sailors of the highway
Stage Coach
Tainted Love(1964)
Baby Don'tcha Know (I'm Bleeding For You)
Why Can't You Be Mine
Gone With The Wind Is My Love
Try Love
Get It On Pt 1
So Tired (Of The Way You're Treating Our Love Baby)
Old Love, New Love
What Did I Do To Lose You
Get It On Pt 2
Tainted Love (Single Version)
Tainted Love (Original Single Version)
Finders Keepers
I Know
Blue Light Microphone
Vaya Con Dios
Woman Is A Woman
Get it On Pt.1
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Don't Say Goodbye)
Hooked On You Baby
If The Roses Don't Come (In Spring This Year)
Heartbeat Part 1
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Tainted Love (1964)
Tainted Love (AVI Single Version)
get it on pt.2
23 - Gloria Jones - Tainted Love